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Just Your Average Tuesday #KickOffMyRewards


Say what you will about Klout, and most people do, but I got to be a part of a very cool event today because of it. Today was the Kick Off My Rewards – Breakfast with a Packer at Lambeau Field.

Because of my Klout score, at the time of writing this, my score is 61 and that was high enough to get myself and a guest seats for today’s event. Green Bay Packer Jarrett Bush talked about what brought him to the team and told us  about Super Bowl wins and answered questions from the crowd (mostly about “THE” Seattle call).

I brought my mom, Nelda as my +1 for her very first trip to LaLaLaLaLaLambeauuuuu. We stayed for the day. going to the Hall of Fame and also taking the Stadium tour, a first for the both of us.  The highlight of the tour is walking through the tunnel onto the field!  If you happen to take the tour – be sure to try and get the tour led by Grant -that guy is amazing!

… Not too shabby for a Tuesday



Would a Personal Brand By Any Other Name Tweet as Sweet?


I am obviously paraphrasing The Bard with that title the real quote  being

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet.”

Blog Entry started 6/28/12

I have been using social media for a few years now, but it has only been over the last two, that I have come into my own. When I started working for Thill Logistics Inc, I created my social media presence connected directly to the brand. This was before I “got” personal branding, and before I “became” carrieatthill. Across just about every channel out there, that is how I am known. carrieatthill.

Enter Chris Brogan.

Once a week Chris, along with Joe Sorge, would host a web show called Kitchen Table Talks, on The Pulse Network. They interact with the viewership both via Twitter as well as on camera with something called “the news” where Chris will highlight The goings on of members of the community. The first time I was a part of the news report, Chris mistakenly called me “Carrie at the hill” I of course being the polite, shy girl that I am, did nothing to correct him. However the lovely Berni Xiong, would not stand for it and corrected him.

So that got me to thinking.. if my brand is attached to my job, and people goof it up, is it time for a change?

Answer – undecided.

I believe there are pros and cons to both keeping it as is and to changing it to something else.

Four Months Later

OK – I have obviously been thinking about this for a while. Today I finally made the change over to my new Twitter handle @CarrieJKeenan.

What made that decision?

While I may have started off as a person who only Tweeted things for one business, but things have changed in the last two years. I now have other clients from Thill, write for other blogs, do some freelance social media stuff and have my own blog (I think you know about that one already, since you are here) and I feel it did a disservice to them all if I was solely branded as “Thill”. I brought it up at work this morning and had a few conversations via email and on Google+ then bit the bullet and made the change. I had a couple of suggestions for new handles, my favorite being @carriefingkicksass and @carriecouldkillyouifshewanted (for those of you who have never seen Firefly, this is why that is so funny.)

Now comes the hard part.

This is where the real work comes into play, I have to maintain my identity. The first thing I did was start telling people about the name change across all my channels. I Tweeted it, posted it in G+ and on Facebook and reordered my MeetMeme cards. I knew I wanted to keep my avatar the same to keep the consistency going, this tweet made me assured that was the right decision.

Now it is time for more to have to change everything over to the new name, it is going to be an interesting challenge!

Have you ever switched your personal brand?