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Hosting #TabletopDay 2017


2016 was my first year celebrating Tabletop Day. We had recently taken a break from our regular Arcology Podcast home game to spend a few months playing straight up tabletop. Needless to say, I was into it. And once I learned there was a whole holiday dedicated to games, well, I just HAD to make it “a thing”.

Once we had the date locked down and the invite list confirmed, it was time for fun part. Themed party prep – YAY! We had our hexagon shaped serving dishes on order from Crate & Barrel, the petri dishes coming from Amazon (because: Pandemic, duh) but you and I both know it can’t be a perfectly themed party without themed food. That’s where the trouble came in.. what the heck to make?

I did a quick google and all I could come up were articles about easy to make snacks Chex Mix, veggie trays, smaller version of other things & food in the shape of a hexagon. Not really what I was looking for at the time. That said, I just now found this Geek & Sundry post from 2015 that would have come in handy last year. 😉

I wanted to be ahead of the game this year. Pun intended. So, here is my best mash up of Martha Stewart & Felicia Day. I mean, come on now… how baller would that combo be, for real?

I hope these game themed snack ideas give you just the inspiration to make something awesome yourself.

Pandemic Disease Cubes- Jello Jigglers
When you serve them perfectly portioned in a petri dish, it’s just gross enough to be delicious.



Sushi Go! – Fruit Sushi “Frushi”
I had absolutely planned on just buying some sushi for this instead. And, if I’m being honest, I probably will when Tabletop Day comes around. This one is a bit tedious.

Photo Mar 11, 4 44 42 PM

Recipe – It’s fruit & you make it look like sushi.

Red Dragon Inn – Cheese Coins
Of course, when you make these, you should have a tasty beverage in hand to get you in the mood. When I make these, I roll them out instead of “strawing” them and cut them out with, I kid you not, a bottle from some squeezable mayo. It’s the perfect size.

Photo Mar 12, 11 37 40 AM


Shadowrun – SoyKaf
This is the coffee substitute that you drink in Shadowrun. We were warned, but we tried it anyway. Do not make this, If you do, don’t follow my cheat method, you can find an actual recipe here 

Photo Mar 11, 6 10 09 PM

I hope this inspired you to get crafty in the kitchen for Tabletop Day, or just for your next game night! Let me know what you make or if you have any other recipes to try, over on Twitter @CarrieJKeenan 


#SSSVEDA Day 7 #Gamenight with #Tabletop: Pandemic



#SSSVeda Day 3: Where I go off topic already.



The Almost Gamer Girl


I’m a geek. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. A card carrying, Star Wars loving, Bad Wolf ring wearing, GISHWHES participating (certified) weirdo. I get it, I’m proud of it, I celebrate it. I am always down for learning  something new, fun and geeky.
That said.
About a year ago, I started playing Shadowrun with my boyfriend and another couple, but I’ve been hesitant to refer to myself as a ‘gamer’ or a ‘gamer girl’. I don’t really know why I don’t. While I can easily slide into most “geek” oriented situations, I’m still unsure about the world of Shadowrun and gaming, at least as far as the world of RPG’s anyway, outside of my immediate group. I’m sure that will come in time and be built within circumstance and education. I still feel a bit like Bambi on ice when I sit down to play every Wednesday.
I’m still very much learning the ins and outs of gaming and picking up the skills I need to master to become comfortable playing. Quite honestly, I’d be pretty excited to get comfortable enough with my small list of spells to know specifically what they do without checking my flash cards for how they work. (Puddle of Goo anyone? I mean, really)
My introduction into the world of the shadows is about to go full speed ahead. I’m about to become immersed into the world of gaming. Tonight, we registered for GenCon.
We’re heading down with the con with the couple we play with in our home game. Did I mention that the couple we play with have one of the most popular Shadowrun podcasts out there? And that one of them is a writer for one of the Shadowrun sourcebooks? So, year. These cats are hard core. These guys are gamers with a capital G. The three of them have been so very helpful with me and allowing me a curve to learn the game and blessing me with a heft dose of patience.
The four of us are heading down for the week of the con and will be attending various events thoughout. Tonight, I sat down to see what I wanted to sign up for.  While I didn’t sign up to play, I’ve allowed myself plenty of free time to learn and explore the exhibit hall and just absorb it all. Taking in my first con, as well as trying to pick up tips and tricks on playing (as well as working while I’m there) may just be on the line between being whelmed and possibly over.
I did want to block some time to sign up for some things while we are there. The one I’m most excited for is the talk on “Women and Gaming”. I find the topic obviously, extremely relevant to me and I want to listen and learn from people who are far more deep into this world then me.
This topic has been know to be a relativity hot one in the recent past. From Gamergate to the Denver ComicCon “Women in Comics” panel that was made of all men. I’ve had some conversations about this topic with a friend of mine and I’m intrigued about what they will be saying.
This post is going to be the first in a series where I further explore the world of gaming and my place in it. I’ll be exploring what it’s like to jump full bore into this world and what it’s like playing as a beginner with people who have been doing it for years, and are even turning it into their profession.
I don’t know yet why I can’t refer to myself as a gamer, I somehow feel like I need to graduate into that roll. In the meanwhile, I’m just a French, Fairy Mage with a vendetta against the Undead.
But, that’s a story for another day…