What I learned about Social Media From Star Wars


What I learned about social media from star wars_carriejkeenan-carrie keenanI am a self proclaimed Star Wars geek, it is so much a part of my life, I wear it proudly even as a part of my bio. So of course, my putting it together with social media… well, that just had to happen. (More of a Dark Side kinda guy? Like cookies? Check out my Darth Vader’s Guide to Conflict Resolution over on Steamfeed.com)

I tried to collect the best social media advice from some of my favorite characters to help you out

“Do or do not, there is no try”: (Yoda)

“In social media it is more along the lines of ”Use or Use Not, there is no try”
Just having a social media profile is not enough. There needs to be an active presence, especially a business. Just creating a corporate Facebook page and never engaging with your fans is not enough. Do you have a corporate Twitter profile that is set to private? If a business decides to be out in the world of social media, it needs to be active and engaged with other users.

“Into the garbage chute fly boy”: (Leia)

Twitter can be a bit intimidating at first for the new user. All those @names and #hashtags in the stream moving so quickly you don’t know where to start. A great way to dip your toe into Twitter is to “lurk about” and slowly get to know what is going on, but there comes a point when you just have to jump in and become part of the conversation.

[It was a] “Boring conversation anyway“: (Han)

You can’t be boring in social media. Get to know your audience and find ways to share information that they will find interesting and entertaining. Don’t go in and “sell sell sell” tell stories, share things that are interesting, become involved in conversations, show a real human personality. Have fun with it and others will too.

Another word of wisdom from Han Solo, “Laugh it up Fuzzball” also works here.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”: (everybody)

The internet is a big place and has lots of corners of less than respectable reputation. If you think someone or something is sketchy, it probably is. Be mindful to watch out for trolls and spammers. A safe social media environment is a happy social media environment.

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for:” (Obi-Wan)

With all the social media sites out there, the “big ones” being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and now Pinterest, you need to know what ones will work for your business and what ones you can “move along” by. Find out where the people you want to talk to are and grow your presence there.

“Beep beep boop boop”: (R2D2)

This quote means something different to everyone. Just like with social media you need to find your own voice and project that voice out into your community. Be original, be unique, be you. (how’d you like that one Frankie B?)

“…Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”: (Yoda)

One of the most basic rules of social media is to be nice. You by no means have to be sunshine and lollypops but remember to keep respectful. You or your business may face negativity in the social space, remember to handle it properly. One aggressively negative comment can go instantly viral and ruin reputations.

Trivia – How many social media lessons can you create from my favorite quote from “Empire Strikes Back“?

“Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herder. “

Put your ideas in the comments – The winning lesson will become legen…. wait for it….dary

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*UPDATE* I was very excited to be asked to come on The Pulse Network to talk about this post! Below are the highlights and a link to a post about the interview.

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Don’t Be a Social Media Zombie


Or a Ghost. Or a Vampire.

Zombies! and Ghosts! and Vampires! Oh My! Halloween fever has taken over. But if you think about it, you do see all three of these personality types showing up in social media. Let me explain –

dont-be-a-social-media-zombie-carriejkeenan-thilllogistics-zombie2Zombie: What is the first thing you think of when I say the word zombie? Do you picture a mindless walker shuffling down the street looking for brains? I know I do. You can spot a social media zombie almost the same way. The Zombie will utilize the simplest way possible to get content out to the streams.


When the zombies set up auto Tweets from Facebook (and vice versa) or set up RSS feeds to post to Twitter whenever a new post is published by others, it is always an easy spot. A stream of 15 posts in a row by one person all spread one minute apart. A Tweet asking you to “like this post if” (and often with no link). Or a Facebook post full of @messages and #Hashtags?

And have you ever seen the #TEAMFOLLOWBACK Twitter accounts?

Hold onto your brains when you see them coming and run!

dont-be-a-social-media-zombie-carriejkeenan-thilllogistics-ghost2Ghost: Now you see it, now you don’t. A ghost user is one who creates a business account because they
”should” be involved in social media. They soon disappear into the internet ether never to be seen again.

Ghosts are also seen (or not seen.. as it were) not replying to comments. Customers (past, present and future) are out there talking about brands. Talking about and directly to you, asking questions, complaining, and sometimes even saying nice things. Like Alex Forrest, social media can not be ignored. Social media – especially for business, needs to be used. If you commit to creating a social media presence, you need to commit to using it.

Vampire: These content stealing blood sucking fiends take your hard work and give themselves credit. The worst Vampire is a content scraper. They take the content right off your blog and post it as their own. If you do not get permission & give credit – that’s plagiarism. This happened to Peg Fitzpatrick over the summer – and she did something about it. Note: Some sites like Business2Community and SocialMediaToday do syndicate, but they have permission to do so. Even this post is a reposting of one I did on a company blog.

dont-be-a-social-media-zombie-carriejkeenan-thilllogistics-vampire2This has also been known to happen with photography. When looking for images to post in a blog you can’t just do a right-click save-as and call that photo your own. (All the photos used in this post were purchased images from a stock image site) Be sure to use either original, purchased or credited images with your posts.

The third act of vampirism, is not as serious as the other two mentioned – but it is a big Twitter faux pas. When you are sharing the content of others – be sure to attribute the author. A quick RT @ or via @ the person who wrote or originally share the post is the best form of netiquette.

Those are the beasties that go bump in the social media night and they are all easily defeatable. It is just a matter of effort, commitment and credit.


Originally Posted on Thill Logistics Company Blog by me


10 Things Not To Say To A Social Media/Community Manager


10-Things-not-to-say-to-a-social-media-manager_carriejkeenan-300x200It is getting to be that time of year again, the family holiday season is approaching. And with these events, come the questions. The “What do you do’s” and the “What does that mean’s” and my favorite the “what the hell is Twitter? Oh, I’d never use that’s”  So here is a list of things the questions we all see and the answers we all WANT to reply with.

Top 10 Things NOT to say to your social media or community manager, and why:

Hey – I use Facebook! I’d be so good at your job!

While it is true that being a social media or community manager, using Facebook is a part of the job, it is only that. One part of the job. You need to know how to use all the social media sites (and blogging) and how best to utilize them for your community.

I just don’t get the point of “The Tweeter”

First of all, don’t call it “The Tweeter”. Calling it that is either ignorance or obnoxiousness, and sometimes both. Twitter is an important part of the social media tool kit. It is a great way to get involved with your community, both talking with and listening to them.

What do you do all day?

Short answer: a lot. A day in the life of a social media manager can include a variety of things. From creating and curating content to designing a Facebook contest to searching out what people are saying about the company/brand across the Internet. All that while addressing customer concerns, replying to what people are saying while keeping up with the brand voice and maintaining a positive brand reputation.

You actually use that stuff for business?

Social media is an opportune place to get involved in the community with your customers. It is a place to listen to your customers and to know them better. Joining the communities of social media helps to keep your business top of mind and gives you an opportunity to get involved with them in a one on one basis.

Oh – you could do mine free for me, right?

Because we’re friends. No. Social media management is a service, you pay for someone to manage a social media account in the same way you would pay an accountant to do your taxes or a lawyer to read your contracts. Would you ask your cousin the accountant or your sister the lawyer to manage your business’s workload for free?

So, what are you going to do when social media goes away?

Things may change and evolve over time, but there will always be a need for businesses to engage with the online communities. While the channels may change, the need will still be there. We evolve with the times.

Can’t I have an intern/my son/my granddaughter etc do that for me?

No. The person behind your social media accounts is another ‘face’ of your company. The things they say and do online will reflect back on your company in a positive or negative light. As Scott Stratten says “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and one tweet to screw it all up.”

You mean like, people pay you to tweet for them?

Yes, but consider this… those tweets have a lot of thought behind them. Is it in the brand voice? Does it stick to the social media plan? If it’s curated from another source – is that source a reliable one? Are the facts correct? Is the spelling and grammar correct? Those are just a few thoughts behind every post on any social media site.

Who in the world would pay for that? Isn’t it free?

While having the basic set of social media accounts is free, there are charges to some of the tools. You also have to consider the cost of your time. Social media is alive and active 24/7/365. It’s not just 9-5. Do you have time to respond to every Tweet or Facebook post? Can you afford the time it takes to not just write your own blog, but reply to every comment as well?

Aw… that’s cute. But what’s your real job?

This is a real job! You might not understand what I do, but that’s ok – we’re still cool. Let’s go have some cocoa.

While these are not some of the most grandparent-acceptable answers, they are a good way to clear your head and come up with something to ease into your reply.  Sometimes, you just need to realize we all get these questions and deal with the same obstacles in daily life. Go team CMGR!

Updated post originally published on Thill Logistics company blog. By me


Love No Kid Hungry? Love Twitter? Join us!


NoKidHungryThe annual TwEAT OUT for No Kid Hungry is happening again – this will be my first year involved  and I can’t wait!

The team from NKH will be on twitter all day (please be sure to follow #NoKidHungry) spreading awareness about the Dine Out For No Kid Hungry. There  is already a great wave  support rolling, but still need YOU!

How can you help Team No Kid Hungry? You can do just what I’m doing here!

  • Help  reach 2,000 bloggers to help spread the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry message!
  • Post a blog on Sunday, September 15, including the below information asking your network to participate in the TwEAT OUT

Here are the details:

Over 8,000 restaurants have signed up to participate in the Dine Out For No Kid Hungry from coast to coast. Now we need your help in making sure that you, your friends, and your family make the event a success by visiting participating restaurants during the month of September, especially during the week of September 16-21.

To start the week with a bang, we’re holding a TwEAT OUT all day on Monday, September 16. Join in the fun and help spread the word about Dine Out For No Kid Hungry on Twitter and Facebook!

When: Monday, September 16, 2013, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST

How to Participate:

Check out our full list or resources: https://www.nokidhungry.org/page/goorange

On Twitter:
Follow @DineOutNKH and @NoKidHungry.
Retweet messages about the Dine Out For No Kid Hungry from these two accounts.
Use the hashtag #NoKidHungry in all your tweets

Sample messages:

Tweet this: Dine out for #NoKidHungry! Visit nokidhungry.org to find a supporting #restaurant near you!

twEAT Out, 9/16

Tweet this: Eat, Tweet, Help End Childhood Hunger! On 9/16, use #NoKidHungry & twEAT Out

On Facebook:
“Like” No Kid Hungry

Share news about Dine Out For No Kid Hungry with your Facebook friends:

Dine Out for No Kid Hungry

Share this: Love food? Love #NoKidHungry? Join thousands of restaurants coast to coast anddine out for No Kid Hungry! Visit nokidhungry.org to find a restaurant near you.

twEAT Out, 9/16

Share this: Join us! September 16 we’ll eat, tweet, and help end childhood hunger! On Twitter? Join us in the twEAT Out for #NoKidHungry!

Not on Twitter? That’s ok – You can find No Kid Hungry on FacebookInstagram andPinterest too!




GISHWHES_StandardNerds_Hell and back _carrie

When I heard people say GISHWHES changes your life, I didn’t believe it. But after participating for the first time, I truly believe it.  It is amazing the things you become willing to do as a part of a team doing something for a good cause and for the sake of making art! I’ve stepped out and some things I never thought I would have done, and pushed boundaries I’ve always wanted to but, but couldn’t. I’ve also learned that I can function on practically no sleep. And, that’s a thing 😉

I did a mini video journal during my GISHWHES experience as a part of SSSVEDA, enjoy the crazy.


The Aftermath: Part 1

The Aftermath: Part 2

Team Standard Nerds recap video

I hope you enjoy the videos, it was an ABNOSOME experience to be a part of GISHWHES 2013, and I can’t wait to get together with my Standard Nerds again!

View the wonderful weird that is Standard  Nerds!

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