pandemic_2Listening to the guys from Epic Gaming Night talking about their list of top 10 games, it made me want to do the same. Now, mind you, I’ve only been playing games over the last two or so years but I’ve come to find some sure faves. Tabletop and card games and I have an interesting relationship. I love them…. They do not love me back quite as much. If you EVER want to win on game night, call me. I’ll show up, find some kind of fantastic was to screw myself over and lose the game in quite a creative way. It’s kinda my thing, I’m cursed, but I’ve become accustomed to it by now and still always have fun.

10. Red Dragon Inn: I first played this game at GenCon 2015 with the crew from the Arcology Podcast Actual Play. This is a game you could… sort of… call a drinking game. Imagine what happens when the D&D adventure is over and the daring adventurers head to the pub for a pint. My favorite part of this game is the vast amount of characters. They all have such distinct personalities and fun traits. I just like to read thru the decks to see what they are up to. The point of this game is being the last man standing after everyone else passes out. Check out our TableTop Day play of Red Dragon Inn
9. Fluxx: So, this is a game where the rules are, we have no rules. Well, not technically. The rules of Fluxx are exactly that, in flux. There are cards that constantly change as you go. Each deck has a theme (We have Zombie, Star and Monty Python here at home) I would consider this a great beginner or family game (it was one of the very first I’ve played). With the rules being ever changing, as long as you read the directions in front of you on the table, you know what’s going on. NOTE: If you do not enjoy being silly, this may not be the game for you, there are quite a few cards that direct you to do things like sing. If you are not prepared to sing “Every sperm is sacred” in front of your boyfriend’s 13 year old son… you’re not ready for Fluxx.
8. Settlers of Catan: This game is a classic. It’s one of those games that needs to be on your shelf no matter how deep into gaming your family may be. This game is also a quick way to see who is the most immature member of your game night crew, the first person to make an “I need your wood” joke is that person.
7. Caverna: The Cave Farmers This game is great, once you get it ready to go. This game has lots of pieces and parts and takes quite a bit of set up time. (Note: if you buy this game, you need to buy this Broken Token organizer. Our friends who have the game bought this thing too and it cuts down your set up time quite a bit.) This is a resource collecting game where you play a small dwarf family gathering crops, animals, various mining items like rubies and ore. If you have a long night to play (including set up and take down) this game rocks! Pun intended.
6. Gloom: This game is awesome… if you have friends who enjoy storytelling. Each person has a family who you will be telling the tale of and trying to make them as miserable as possible, before killing them all. You take turns telling the tale of your family and ‘help’ the families of the other players.The cards in Gloom (We have the Fairytale Edition) are made of a clear vellum so you can see the story unfurl in your hand.
5. Encounters: is one of those games we break out a lot. We have both the “Bravest Warriors” and Shadowrun editions. On your turn, you pull a card and roll the dice. You are trying to match the goal numbers with your roll, you are aiming to get the highest score. There are item cards that help you reach those goals. I prefer the silliness of the Bravest Warriors edition, any game that has cards titled “Chocolate Puppies” or “Professor Fartsparkles” is down for a night full of giggles.
4. Carcassonne: Carcassonne is one of the classic European made games. You select tiles and build roads, cities, farms and abbeys. Then you can get points all through the game and, at the end all the remaining structures are scored.The placement of your meeples and luck of the tile draw will help you win the game.

OK. Top three time. This is the hard part. These are all games that I will ask to play at any time. Do I have a ranking for them? No. It will really depend on my mood and the crowd who is playing. I do notice two distinct things in common between the three.

  • They are all cooperative games (even when they are not) and everyone at the table it playing to reach the same goal.
  • They all have something to do with a horrible situation (the end of the world or a house of fire) and the players need to save the day

3. Flashpoint: I spent about 5 years working at Pierce Manufacturing so I get excited about anything to do with firefighters to begin with. In this game, the players are firefighters and trying to rescue the victims inside. Check out our game here:

2. Dead of Winter//Dead of Winter: Longest Night: One word here folks: ZOMBIES. In these two games, the team works together to survive the zombie apocalypse. The difference with this game is there is sometimes a betrayer. (FYI: Cliff is always the traitor… trust me)

You know how I just said I don’t have a favorite? Wrong. I do.

1. Pandemic: Ok, this game has kicked our asses so many times, I can’t even count…. But we’ve started to turn it around lately. The essence of the game, is there have been four (five if you add in the expansion) nasty viruses released and spreading over the world. Your team’s job, is to cure those viruses and save the world from icky, sicky death. (NOTE: the orange/green team member combo is our magic player combo.) Teamwork and strategy make this game the most fun cooperative game, (be mindful of the Aplha Player here, don’t let there be a bossy pants) I’m super excited for picking up the legacy version (Pandemic Legacy and playing that soon!) VIDEO:

So guys – go out and pick up some of these and play them next game night! You’re gonna have a great time!pandemic_2

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