img_2373“I’m dusting off my site and making it a point to actually write and use it! ” she says with all the confidence of a party goer making resolutions at 11:45 on New Year’s Eve. Followed immediately by “and this time, I mean it.” So, here we go again with all the very best of intentions!

What I’d like to start doing is cover all my geeky favorites, taking it further than just my #GameNight weekly instagrams. I’ll be writing about the games we play on our weekly tabletop night with friends, the difference when you play with a table full of high school boys, a possible trip to our next gaming convention and so on. So think of this post, dear reader, as a promise. Maybe not a promise to you… but a promise to myself to actually take the time and do this for me. To take the time and do all the cool ideas that are floating in my noggin and bring you along for the ride! And who knows… it might just happen. I mean, I gave up caffeine for almost 2 weeks that one time, anything is possible.

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I'm a project manager at BTC Revoltuions and a occassional blogger. A GISHWHES certifed weirdo holding a dual citizenship with the US & West Arctica. Star Wars geek, Whovian & book nerd who's a raging caffiene addict. I also act as "Nerd Counsel" at BTC. Connect with Carrie via: Email | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn

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